Mighty Leaf Tea

We are currently working with Mighty Leaf Tea on a wide range of products from packaging to product. Below are a few new products that are hitting the market.

Shape has designed a modular Point of Sale system for Mighty Leaf Tea. The new containers have a built in single tea bag dispenser and lock together to create a unified display on a coffee shop countertop.

The metal container locks onto the plastic base. This is better for shipping and assembly as well as end-of-life as there is no glue so parts can be recycled separately.

The Tea Top Brew Mug solves the age old problem of over-brewed tea. Feed the tag on the tea bag into the lid and steep the tea until time's up. Then pull the tea bag by the string up into the lid where it stays safe and dry. See a video and buy it here

Shape designed a cafe teapot based on the same steeping lid technology as the travel mug. This is the first round. The second version will be even better.