Design is powerful. Harness that power and you can shape the world around you. It takes heart and courage and restraint. Well-designed objects have magic that draws you in and makes you feel balanced, comfortable and fulfilled while challenging you intellectually. We work with clients to use the power of design to uncover the magic.


Karson Shadley
Founder and Principal Designer

Karson is an award winning product designer based in San Francisco, CA. He built his career working
for top tier consultancies designing products and creating future strategies for technology, audio,
footwear and outdoor industries. He is a founding member of LIFT, a highly creative and innovative
award winning design collective as well as an Adjunct Professor in the undergraduate design
programs at his alma mater, California College of the Arts.

His work has been published in BPM, FHM, LA Times, Metropolis Magazine, The New Yorker, Product Design Now, SF Chronicle, Time, Vapors and Young Designers Americas as well as exhibited at SFMoMA. He has received awards for his work from Good Design Award, ID Magazine, International Bicycle Design Competition and Metropolis Magazine.

Mary Shadley
Creative Director

Mary earned a degree in print design at Western Washington University before moving to San Francisco nearly a dozen years ago. She has designed an managed productions on numerous print campaigns, brands and books. Mary’s wide experience and knowledge bring a refined level of expertise to every project she works on. Plus a little bit of light-hearted fun.