Scribe Winery Field Trip

The title of the junior level Industrial Design 4 course at CCA is "Craft and the Hand Tool." Some of the students are focusing on designing garden tools. As part of the research, we took a trip to Scribe Winery in Sonoma on a beautiful February Saturday that exemplified Northern California's wine country. Along with the idyllic weather, we were welcomed by a very gracious host in Andrew Mariani. Andrew is the owner of this fledgling winery working hard to produce sustainable wine and re-establish an agrarian ecosystem that was lost when the vineyard property was used as a large turkey farm by the previous owners.

Part of their efforts include a small organic farm. That's where the students presented working prototypes of their gardening and eating tool concepts in a sort of improptu critique.

There were many insights and opportunities gleaned from a thorough tour of the property and the students asked some thought provoking questions about how and where improvements might be made. These insights will prove very useful as they reevaluate their hypotheses and focus their efforts anew. We look forward to seeing the end products of their labor at the end of the semester.

Thanks for an awesome day, Andrew!

Stay cool!